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What We Do

Mobilitate is an online platform that enables citizens to actively participate in improving service delivery and holding local government accountable.


Simply provide us with your URL and you can embed the Mobilitate widget on your website, from where service delivery issues can be reported directly.


Find and see how your municipality is faring on the service delivery scorecard, identify who your councillor is and be informed about what’s happening in your municipality.

About Mobilitate

Mobilitate's mission is to enable, foster and promote the communication, collaboration and participation of all citizens, communities and government toward a prosperous South Africa for all.
Mobilitate’s vision is to enable a country that embodies and promotes the five principles of Networked Intelligence namely collaboration, openness, sharing, trust and integrity and interdependence. A networked society in a networked world.

Those businesses and governments that embody and promote the principles of the era of Networked Intelligence will thrive and create prosperity for their shareholders and citizens. Those that do not will fail.

Latest Municipal Blog Posts

The Tshwane Metro have warned that due to maintenance certain parts of the North of Pretoria may experience water supply interruptions. The Tshwane Metro said that due to scheduled maintenance and upgrading of the water network, interruption of the water supply may be expected although they are taking all precautions to avoid this. They said that water...

Latest Ward Blog Posts

Cllr. Gerhard FourieElectronic Waste Recycling - 128 days ago, 1:01:42 pm

Hi folks If you're uncertain how to get rid of your broken microwave, computer, cellphone, TV, etc. Here is a list of E-waste recycling drop-off points around Cape Town: E-waste drop-off points Please pass on this info to your friends and family. If you're not sure whether the particular electronic item you want to dispose of can be dropped-off the...

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